ciemsa construction Toluca

Turnkey Projects. We have the size, skills and the necessary personnel for any project. From design to delivery and ready to operate.


ciemsa metal structures Toluca

In our own facilities, we manufacture metal structures which gives important advantages to work on the construction projects in terms of integration and efficiency.


Crane rental Toluca

Our construction cranes are certified. They are widely maneuverable and with different lifting capacities.

Ciemsa | Focus on safety

Ciemsa - contructora Toluca Mexico

Ciemsa is a skillful company that offers services like;

  • Construction (from design to Turnkey Projects)
  • Metallic structure manufacture
  • Industrial crane rental.

In all of our projects, we have complete control starting from the site management plan.

We have the appropriate facilities to build metallic structures and 60% of our own workforce which allows us to have a higher capacity to build quality projects in time and price.

The objective is to maintain high levels of efficiency and maximizing the investment resources by:

  • Prioritize industrial safety.
  • Work in our own metal struct.
  • Eliminating middlemen (60% of lworkforce is ours)
  • Maintaining quality, price and delivery time.
  • Building Turnkey projects.

Ciemsa services

  • Industrial crane rental.
  • Machine relocation.
  • All-terrain construction cranes.
  • Power generators.
  • Manufacture of steel structure.
  • Manufacture of metallic structure.
  • Telescopic cranes.
  • Construction of industrial facilities.
  • Industrial assembly and relocation.
  • Machinery relocation.

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